Pricing of an Artwork

One of the most important challenges for artists to sell their artwork is pricing their artworks. Any artist for pricing should be able to answer these two questions:  How to value the artwork?  Why does she chose this pricing method?  Therefore, it is essential to follow the principles and procedures of the pricing process. If […]

How to Price Technology?

Companies that have succeeded in marketing believe that the final stage of the transformation in the marketing mix, which can change the conditions for you, is product pricing. The reason for this is very clear. The supply price is equivalent to all costs, including production and product development, management, distribution, and advertising. Of course, the […]

Hofstede model and cross cultural

The Hofstede model has some serious negative correlations with the Globe study that should be reconciled. The Hofstede model gives a generic six category description of cultural among individual countries for business to get a very basic idea of differences. The uncertainty avoidance dimension in the two studies, Hofstede versus Globe that is, calls into […]

Global Social Media censors conservatism

Today, our rights to freedom of speech is on assault. No longer can truthful conversations occur among friends without citizens betraying their own cultural to pursue advancing minority cultures with education, employment, income redistribution, and even their own women. Most global media giants are created and grown by European populations among a few continents and […]

Global Retailing: Amazon and Win Bigly

Amazon is ranked as the world’s 2nd largest global retailer with sales around $233 billion US even though its market capitalization is the largest at $778 billion. Amazon has dominated e-commerce with 49% market share although in the United States, as of December 2018, e-commerce represents only 11% of all retail. One product that has […]

Global Marketing Channels: Inside General Dynamics

For 2019, General Dynamics is making use of as many global marketing channels to maximize growth in today’s economy. Phebe Novakovic, CEO of GD, ranked among the twenty-five most powerful women in the world, ranked 7th among worldwide female CEOs, predicted a “14% growth in revenues over 2018” which would be a hefty $36.2 Billion […]