Global Social Media censors conservatism

Today, our rights to freedom of speech is on assault. No longer can truthful conversations occur among friends without citizens betraying their own cultural to pursue advancing minority cultures with education, employment, income redistribution, and even their own women. Most global media giants are created and grown by European populations among a few continents and yet the ideology is to censor their own cultural from discussing events in the community, nation, and the world. Facebook, Google, Instagram, and YouTube are banning accounts with the wrong type of vision of multiculturalism. But it is entirely acceptable for violent groups such as Antifa to assault citizens. Even among college campuses this narrative is seen among young adults. Of course, all liberals turn conservative as soon as they begin paying taxes in the tens of thousands. It is always easiest to spend other peoples money.

Diamond and Silk, a very funny duo, also an unlikely supporter of conservatism according to the liberal media, was banned from Facebook because of the danger they represent to their community. That is some funny and absurd lies. Facebook simply cannot let black Americans get the message out that the Democrats are not delivering on promises to the minority community. What happened to allegiance to the country which citizens reside? Why the allegiance to foreign countries?