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CU Conquered Beijing

CU Conquered Beijing
Hi Again Everyone,
It’s seems cliché, but it’s crazy to actually think our time in Beijing is actually already over. The amount of culture that we have just been able to soak in has been incredible. In this post, I am going to go ahead and touch on some key points from my last post and from our time in Beijing.

About the culture, one of the biggest things I have noticed so far about the people has been the fact that the people are much more straight forward in even every day conversations then we have in the US. People talk with quite a bit of emotion and force, if that makes any sense. I feel like that trait has a huge impact on business as a whole in China. In America, we end to BS our way a bit and have quite a bit of small talk in most of our human interactions. This isn’t really deep insight by any means, but it is just something I noticed in regards to the culture in China during our time in Beijing. Also (another minor point), on the streets that we visited on our free day, Igot a very warm feeling from the culture, unlike anything I have felt in the US.

Part of our assignment: I went into 2 American chains while in Beijing, Burger King and Starbucks. First, I will touch on Burger King and its differences than those in the US. Overall, it seemed very similar to any Burger King in the US. They obviously had some different menu items (as they do in any country), but nothing was too different. The menu seemed a bit more out of the ordinary from any menu I have seen in the past (ie, pepperoni on a burger, etc). The price was actually a bit lower than in the States as well. The customer service was also just as warm in the US. I expected it to be a bit cold but they were very nice. The store layout and design was pretty typical, and there was nothing that really surprised me about my experience.

The second chain I visited was Starbucks. This was also pretty identical to any Starbucks I have ever been to. The customer service was very good, like in the States. However they had some different menu options as well. It was a more diverse menu than Burger King had. Sweet dumplings, many more teas, etc are some of different things that you don’t usually see in the US that were unique to China. It seemed a bit pricey, however. The sizes were smaller than they are in the US, but the price was a bit more, which was a bit odd to me. They sold the same Kenyan beans on the shelf that I see in a Starbucks in Orange, though. I thought that was pretty interesting.

We haven’t been exposed to too much of the business environment thus far in China, so I am really looking forward to doing so in Shanghai. We have a ton of business experiences on our itinerary coming up, so I am looking forward to giving a little more insightful post next!