International Market Communications, What Is It?

To start, do you know what market communications are? Market communications can be defined as the means by which an organization attempts to inform and persuade customers about the products and services they sell. Market communication use marketing tools in order to promote or “communicate” a company to a market. This uses tools such as: […]

Alita: Battle Angel vs What Men Want, in the International Market

What movies should invest for a return in international markets? The film industry, with each movie, essentially is like any individual company asking themselves that same question. One of the biggest, is there a demand for this product in other countries? As we look at the past weekends box office numbers, we can see reinforcing […]

First and foremost: What are marketing channels?

In order to start a conversation about global marketing channels, it is important to first establish what they actually are. Marketing channels refer to “the entire ecosystem required for getting products (tangible goods and intangible services) from the point of production to the point of consumption.” Distribution channels fall within this description, but they are […]

Netflix: International Media Strategy (in a nutshell)

Initially, Netflix’s international expansion relied on a strategy of slow but steady development; expanding services to only a couple of countries each year. However, in response to an oversaturated U.S. domestic market, which has since attracted well-funded competitors such as Amazon and HBO; Netflix has decided to accelerate its global expansion strategy. During a speech […]

Pricing In International Markets

Pricing Principles All organizations and companies set prices for the goods and services they offer. The price of goods and services in marketing is the amount of money or cost the buyer is willing to pay in exchange for receiving them. This price may be in the form of various concepts such as tuition, subscriptions, […]

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part at the Box Office

Lego Movie 2 opened this past weekend. After the success of the first film ($470 million worldwide). The second was projected to open domestically with, at the low end, $50 million. This did not happen. The foreign markets however, have held. This is what we will be talking about today. Foreign markets are going to […]

4 Components of Global Branding

When considering expanding internationally, questions often arise when it comes to logistics, costs, risks, infiltration and more. However, there’s a big issue that’s often overlooked when it comes to successfully taking your company international. That issue is successfully establishing a global brand. We personally feel that branding is one of the more important aspects of […]