Korean Trends Crossing Cultural Barriers

In the last 18 months, the West saw a rise in Korean influence, notably within the beauty and cosmetics industry. Estimated at around $13 billion in 2017, Korean beauty, or K-beauty, trends soared across Asia and resonated across the world. What’s all the hype about? I went into a deeper dive into the Korean cosmetics […]

Considerations for International Paid Social Media Marketing

In today’s connected world, businesses are no longer limited to turning to their local populations for prospective customers. Advertising internationally, however, comes with an entirely new set of considerations. Different time zones, creative localization and potential issues with ad delivery are all common pitfalls. Different time zones create the potential for ads to run at […]

Challenges in International Pricing

The authors of the last blog post talked about optimal international pricing strategies. Companies face many different challenges, outside of culture, language, and government policies, when deciding which strategy to implement. These challenges mainly revolve around currency. Export Price Escalation: Prices are often higher in foreign markets in order to ensure that export costs, such […]

Influencer Marketing: The Next Gen Marketing Approach

A shift in marketing strategy is taking place before our eyes. As a new generation of consumers is entering the workforce, companies are beginning to adopt new marketing methods. After the internet revolution, businesses can better market their products through multiple avenues all over the world. However, this is both costly and sometimes never reaches […]

International Pricing

Why is an international pricing strategy essential? According to Dr. Eckhard Kucher, the primary objective of an international pricing strategy is to maximize total profitability across countries, while reducing the opportunity for potential global issues to arise. One such issue is parallel trade, where identical products are sold at significantly different prices in different countries, […]

How to Build a Global Brand

Why is Global Branding Important? Improved effectiveness in products or services over time Greater advantage against competitors Increased customer awareness Having a brand that is immediately recognizable has many benefits – especially if this is a favorable reputation. Increased revenue and loyal customers are some of the many benefits a firm may experience. Being recognized […]

Global Branding

What is Global Branding? Global brands are brands that are recognized throughout much of the world. Many companies intend to create global brands through various marketing and branding efforts. This global branding strategy is when a company effectively offers a product or service where the advertising, positioning, strategy, personality, that successfully look and feel are […]

Culturally Sensitive Packaging Can Make All the Difference

For a universally needed product, you would think the packaging would not make a do or die difference in the success of the product. However, as discussed in class, something as simple as toothpaste can be the source of much corporate controversy. In the case of the Colgate Max Fresh rollout in the early 2000’s, […]