The rise of Formula 1 through global social media marketing

The fastest motor racing sport in the world, Formula 1 is a world championship of 21 Grand Prix across 21 different countries. It features some of the best drivers in the world, racing for teams with a rich heritage in motor racing like Ferrari. Although synonymous with glamour, big name sponsors and manufacturers, the sport […]

Multi-Channel vs Single Channel Marketing

There is an abundance of choices out there for consumers to gain access to different companies. That being said, it is important to maintain a presence in more than one channel to reach said audience. Companies need to be where their consumers are, and therefore, they should be investing in a multichannel marketing strategy, as […]

Impact of Culture in Global Marketing Environment

What is culture? The impact of religious, family, educational and social systems on oneself and on people that is the way they live and the choices they make. Marketing exists in an environment that is shaped by culture. Domestic or International Marketing both needs culture to thrive. There are many organisations that intend to market […]

Advantages of Global Branding

At this point, we are masters at understanding what global branding truly means; but do we know how to master global branding for our businesses? In order to gain a competitive advantage by differentiating yourself from your competitors, bolster your reputation and retain customers; it is vital to have a strong, clear brand identity. This […]

How Mercedes-Benz Vans got customers to see past the price tag

Mercedes-Benz is known for being capable of constantly delivering durable and luxurious vehicles to consumers and other businesses. The top quality provided by the company is often accompanied by high prices, and it has become a problem for the Mercedes-Benz vans. Mercedes-Benz vans are usually purchased by other companies that want to provide a luxurious […]