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Consumer Relationships – they love your brand, now what?

We continue our series on CONSUMER INVOLVEMENT MARKETING with the cultivation of the consumer relationship. How do you keep the connection “warm” after you've acquired a consumer and they have become ambassadors for your brand?

Drew-50-First-Dates-Wallpaper-drew-barrymore-9837193-1024-76850 FIRST DATES
One of my favorite things I receive is a phone call the following day after dining at Tommy Bahama Cafe. It goes a little something like this:

“Hello, Mr. Giron, this is Kelly from TBC. Thank you for visiting with us last night, we hope you enjoyed your dining experience and if there is anything else we can do, please don't hesitate to call us.”

Forgot the rules of dating [“How soon is too soon to call?”] – It's the immediacy of the follow-up that starts the relationship on the right foot. Avoid not getting a second date – If something wasn't to satisfactory, you at least know right away and can fix it for the next customer. If something worked, be consistent about your methods, put it on repeat like 50 First Dates.

As the human race, we are curious.

HOG Calendar
Automobile makers hold owner's events, while Harley-Davidson even has it's own online calendar for its Harley Owner's Group.

You ever think to yourself, I love this {insert product name here], I wonder how they make it? More and more manufactures are inviting consumers to tour plants and factories; and look at new ways to further increase their consumer involvement. Look at Universal Studios Hollywood – you like movies? Go tour the sets… And, Coca-Cola even has an entire museum dedicated to the beverage in Atlanta, Ga, and they have consumers test new beverages at the end of the tour <— smart marketing right there.


Can too much communication be annoying and just become junk? Experts say we get about 1,600 – 6,000 messages a day – so how can that one email you want to get into the consumer hands get through that filter? Do you make them want you? Do you as a business break up with your customers and send things out when it matters most?

When a misunderstanding occurs in the relationship and you have to pick a side.

Check out this article from CRM that talks about when its too much and if a break up is inevitable; and it's time to unsubscribe.

So, if you remember one thing from this post – being a consumer is a lot like dating – just make sure they're paying and you're not going Dutch.

Until next time when we talk D for Demand.

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Dear Ralphie:

I Love, Love, Love your posting. AWESOME job. I think your comments about the “Break-up” are right on the mark. I believe in communication, however too much communication can be overwhelming and taxing.

Fantabulous! Customer focused companies understand that those relationships can turn into “relationships”.

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