Evolving You In Involvement

Wow, has this been a courtship. First, we asked how to Acquire you. Then we tried goading you into Brand ambassadorship. After which we asked to take the next step by building a Customer relationship. Then we threw out the coyness and went straight to how to Draw You In, essentially grabbing a stake in […]

Consumer Relationships – they love your brand, now what?

We continue our series on CONSUMER INVOLVEMENT MARKETING with the cultivation of the consumer relationship. How do you keep the connection “warm” after you’ve acquired a consumer and they have become ambassadors for your brand? 50 FIRST DATES One of my favorite things I receive is a phone call the following day after dining at […]

Acquisition – Congratulations you’ve been acquired by a brand…

… and you didn’t even know it! Welcome to our first post in our series on CONSUMER INVOLVEMENT MARKETING. The song “How Much is That Dog in the Window” and the hit 80’s movie “Mannequin” have two things in common – they both speak to the willingness we have as consumers to be attracted to… […]

Consumer Involvement Marketing – from A to E-Ticket

You shop. Sometimes because you have. Sometimes because you want to. But how involved are you in your consumer choices? What drives you to look beyond a storefront, product or service, and… stay with them? Over the next few weeks Team E-Ticket will be exploring acquisition to brand loyalty, to experiential involvement, and we invite […]