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Evolving You In Involvement

Wow, has this been a courtship. First, we asked how to Acquire you. Then we tried goading you into Brand ambassadorship. After which we asked to take the next step by building a Customer relationship. Then we threw out the coyness and went straight to how to Draw You In, essentially grabbing a stake in your share of wallet. And now, we’d like to literally stay connected with you as tightly and for as long as possible by activating Evolving trends in Consumer Involvement marketing.
What of do you mean this sweater as chosen for me? I wanted to be an individual!
What of do you mean this sweater was chosen for me? I wanted to be an individual!

Let’s face it face it, trends will continue to evolve in CONSUMER INVOLVEMENT MARKETING, but as they do and as you think about this series we have taken you through – think about how involved you really want to be. Are you the type of person who is just going to buy what everyone else is buying (another E – easily influenced), be a hermit or think trends are set for you, with someone already doing the research.

A great example of this in the movie, The Devil Wears Prada, where a naive young woman comes to New York and scores a job as the assistant to one of the city’s biggest magazine editors, the ruthless and cynical Miranda Priestly. She has never worked in fashion and realizes that everything in the industry is already pre selected for her, the consumer

A billboard that knows you, you may think is novel, but what does it really know about you.
A billboard that knows you, you may think is novel, but what does it really know about you.

But, are businesses really pre-selecting for you? With the advancement of technology, RFID (radio frequency identification) has become real big. Car company, MINI USA once tested this technology in New York City. Owners of the cars would see motor boards customized for them, creating additional customer loyalty but also measuring the trends of the drive patterns drivers have for later R & D.

How can RFID be used to alert consumers to complimentary goods?

It say's $4.99, but can it also remind me I need shaving cream and I'm out of laundry soap?
It say’s $4.99, but can it also remind me I need shaving cream and I’m out of laundry soap?

Proctor and Gamble used RFID to give a personal touch. For example when a customer picked up a shampoo off the shelf in a store, a small screen next to the product displayed the complimentary conditioner. Whoa. George Orwell eat your heart out.

It's a key, its a ticket, its Disney's Magic Band!
It’s a key, its a ticket, its Disney’s Magic Band!

Let’s go a little farther. What happens when RFID technology is applied to a string of actions taken over a period of time, like, say a family on vacation? More recently, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts has been exploring the idea of using a “magic band”  that would allow the vacation experience for a family to be seamless. All information (tickets, dining, hotel key) would be linked to this band, allowing the vacationing family to have less hassle, but also allowing Disney to better refine the experience with data collected. Sounds pretty great right or is it all too much.

OK folks, so really how close is “too close”, how much is “too much” when it comes to knowing how exactly you as a Consumer, well, consume? In the pursuit of convenience and commerce, given they way we live and how much we look for convenience and efficiency, is all this Customer Involvement connectivity just “the way it is”? What’s your comfort level in data being mined about you — let us know?

A + R for Team E-Ticket