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Consumer Involvement Marketing – from A to E-Ticket


You shop. Sometimes because you have. Sometimes because you want to.

But how involved are you in your consumer choices? What drives you to look beyond a storefront, product or service, and… stay with them?

Over the next few weeks Team E-Ticket will be exploring acquisition to brand loyalty, to experiential involvement, and we invite you to think about how at each stage you as a consumer interact with the brands in your life.


Next time: A. Acquisition.

2 replies on “Consumer Involvement Marketing – from A to E-Ticket”

I am looking into this as well and am looking forward to what your team has to say…. especially since we have to talk about it on Thurs.

I’m all about word of mouth and online reviews; reviews from “professional” or at least those who I deem to be professional reviewers.

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