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Global Intelligence and Human Development

In today’s world, mankind is face with many threats such as terrorism, nuclear war, environmental demolition where we need to arise from it by working together. Many experts argue that the changes could be through education. Not just education that are found in today’s school but more so education about different religion, culture, behaviors. Create an atmosphere to learn about just not just local but global also. If we all are working collectively to change how we interact with one another and with nature, we might be able go one step closer reducing various threats. Recent years we noticed the growth in developing global collective intelligence systems as a response to the potential global threats and to create a better future for mankind. the Millennium Project is a great example where it shows 15 global challenges that mankind is facing across a wide range of domain which includes clean water, population and resources, health issues, energy, democratization the rich–poor gap, peace and conflict, transnational organized crime, science and technology, the status of women, and so on. The means of this project is to plan to integrate global network of nodes, IT, and software, manifesting elements of a prototypical global collective intelligence system.
Let’s discuss one of the issue “Global climate change and sustainable development”. This is one of the major problem which has many connections with natural, social, economic, and technical components. This problem can’t be address by only government, institution one entity acting alone. To solve this issue requires collaborating with each and communicate well to make a collective decision among governments, international organizations, corporations, universities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and creative individuals on a global scale. Global intelligence serves the need here by collecting efforts of many individual entities via collaboration and competition, and shows in a consensus of decision and policy making. In humanistic studies, Mihai I. Spariosu gave a definition of global intelligence in his 2004 book Global Intelligence and Human Development. In the book Global intelligence was defined as “the ability to understand, respond to, and work toward what is in the best interest of and will benefit all human beings and all other life on our planet” (p,6). Author also mentioned that there are not one stop or premade solution to this issues, but we need to work all together throughout the planet to make it a better place for mankind and all our natural habitats.