Global Business Intelligence can help your business:

There are variety of compelling benefits to Business Intelligence globally depending on different business functions — from marketing to sales to customer service. If we ask the industry experts, we can get inside on how to enhance your business and help decision makers make more educated, effective choices. Recent statement from Rajeev Kapur from 1105 […]

Global artificial intelligence mix with PR- How to handle it

Is artificial intelligence (AI) truly existential threat to mankind? According to the Physicist Stephen Hawking, “either the best, or the worst thing, ever to happen to humanity”. Discussion about the global artificial intelligence raise blank stares or talk of robots taking over the world. In today’s date, automation has eliminated many jobs around the world […]

Global Intelligence and Human Development

In today’s world, mankind is face with many threats such as terrorism, nuclear war, environmental demolition where we need to arise from it by working together. Many experts argue that the changes could be through education. Not just education that are found in today’s school but more so education about different religion, culture, behaviors. Create […]