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Global artificial intelligence mix with PR- How to handle it

Is artificial intelligence (AI) truly existential threat to mankind? According to the Physicist Stephen Hawking, “either the best, or the worst thing, ever to happen to humanity”. Discussion about the global artificial intelligence raise blank stares or talk of robots taking over the world. In today’s date, automation has eliminated many jobs around the world by replacing manpower with robots. It is expected that emerging Artificial intelligence will also transform millions of knowledge based position in many industries very soon. These office jobs will be automated globally with AI which was predicted by experts in the Harvard Business Review.
As we know, AI is something executed by machine but it is the replication of human intelligence processes. In global scale, mankind is able to google the answers, not just the search results, Pandora automatically playing the next favorite song. With the aim of understanding capabilities of Siri and Alexa, a speech-powered personal assistant to self-driving vehicle with predicted capabilities add more efficiency to the artificial intelligence system globally. By constant improvement, these systems can only get smarter and more aware.
Public relations have great needs in today’s human society but it is given that artificial intelligence can impact the PR industry globally. Daily PR routine such as developing coverage reports, distributing press releases, and creating automated media lists is getting replace by AI not just locally but in global scale. Studies on the impact of the AI by writing the content of global press releases as well as PR and marketing materials like earning releases and product descriptions. So far AI can’t write all the global information as yet but the global intelligence system is getting smarter by the day. Global AI data is design to transform structured data quickly and accurately to written material, analysis reports. Even though PR is not completely data centric as many other industries but it can use the intelligence to bring global information in one platform to demonstrate ROI of a campaign or marketing.
Entry and mid-level PR folks mainly focused on developing and distributing press releases but AI can execute these function by collecting data globally. Right now, majority if the PR doesn’t believe that AI is a threat to that industry because the machine may not be able to have creativity like human being. But in reality PR should look at AI as an additional assistant. It can make the PR job more efficient by bringing the global intelligence data to their fingertips. Which will spare out more time to focus on developing and implementing creative strategies to create brand awareness, audience engagement, and thought leadership.