Global Marketing

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza started off by its innovating home delivery service that people in the United States loved. In order to grow its brand, Domino's turned to international markets. Domino’s kept many things the same as they did in the United States with a few different touches.

Domino’s Pizza decided to stick to its traditional business model of pizza delivery and take-out orders throughout all of its stores worldwide. This is what Domino’s prevailed at and gave them a leading position in the market. However, when Domino’s went international and focused more on research and development, they realized that each country and culture perceives pizza in a different light. Does everyone perceive pizza to be quick and easy? Some countries and cultures believe it to be more as a fast food convenient place, some believe it to be more upscale, and some people believe it to be an occasional holiday outing. Due to this, Domino’s now has more tables available at their stores; however, the luxury of having servers serve and clean up afterwards is not the case. People are required to serve themselves and clean up afterwards.

Domino’s adapts and adjusts their products in the various markets it operates in. As mentioned, Domino’s has added more tables into their stores to please the needs and wants of consumers in other countries. They also adapted to certain taste preferences that people in different countries prefer. By adapting to consumer preferences, Domino's is able to provide consumers in each country the pizza and experience they want. For example, take a look at the marketing mix of India compared to the US. In India, there are about 3 or 4 different toppings that are available solely in Domino’s stores in India to fit their taste preferences. Since the majority of people in India are Hindu, a majority of the pizzas offered at Domino's in India are vegetarian. They also offer oregano spice mix packets rather than Parmesan cheese packets in order to attract the Indian culture. Also, the marketing and advertising in India is different as pizza in India is not viewed as daily fast food, but rather more of a once a week, special meal. Also, the Domino’s stores in India are located in highly populated areas such as shopping malls to create more buzz and attraction while in the United States, Domino’s stores are not in highly populated areas. While in the United States deliveries are made by car, in India, Domino’s, uses mopeds for delivery. In the streets of India, there is lots of traffic and to complete a quicker delivery, mopeds seemed to be the better option for Domino's.