Global Marketing

Formula 1 Unleashes New Global Strategy

The goal of this new campaign is to expand and create more awareness of the brand. The aim is to challenge the sport’s perception by showing through the eyes of the fans the true reality and extreme experience of what F1 racing feels like. This is all to create more of brand identity among existing fans and consumers and to reach out to potential fans.

F1 released a new 60 second advertising film that emphasizes and shines upon the industries innovation, performance, endurance, and elemental nature. The film places the fans right front and center and in the heart of the action, spike their adrenalin as they are the ones behind the wheel. What make Formula 1 unique in its industry is that the products are engineered by pure insanity and the juxtaposition of two opposing forces.

The marketing tagline of this new campaign is ‘Engineered Insanity’. The marketing reaches out to all aspects of media. This includes posters in airports and city buildings with murals all across the city walls. The campaign will roll out across all grand prix destinations in China, France, Germany, and the USA. It’ll run on most digital and social platforms.

The goal and result of the film campaign is to track engagement, views, outreach, and sharing and reposting for the short run. The long-term aspect is to measure against its core brand statements like interest, knowledge and deeper understandings of F1 as a dominant sport. The long-term strategy is to shift brand perception to build a new identity centering around its loyal fan base. The campaign switches the focus away from the echo chamber and focuses on why fans love the sport.

This campaign exemplifies a ‘fan first’ engagement where it gains so much momentum as it rolls out globally. The visual language will be placed in the hands of the public who will post about their experiences online via GIFs and interactive Instagram stories. It’s all about the fan experiences. At the races, there will be more fan-based interactions that will engagement more participation and create more brand awareness. Also, for the fans enjoyment around the world, Formula 1 created their own F1 TV so that everyone may see live races and events that are ad free and love streamed. This content will be film directly from the drivers cock pit point of view to give the viewer and better, more dynamic and exhilarating feel watching the races.