Bad Global Branding in 2017

By: Natalie Filice, Katie Kirk, & McKenna McVicker In today’s day and age, in nearly every market, consumers have witnessed advertisements, campaigns, and marketing strategies that have sparked the question, what were they thinking?? Like many years before it, 2017 marked some seriously questionable advertisements that left consumers puzzled on how blunders so obvious could […]

The Strategies of Alibaba Group

Alibaba focused on the dominant wholesale trading market since it was established. Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, developed the company rapidly through financing capital with his advanced concept. When the development of company was blocked, he took a risk to invest heavily in YAHOO China to open market and boost popularity. As the captain […]

What to Look Out For: 5 Traits of a Professional Project Manager

Your business requires finding the right project manager for critical success. A project manager generally handles your project from the beginning to the end, also ensuring the project is done on time, successful and on budget. So when you have a large project or a project you cannot handle personally, they are the key to […]

The Global Branding Power of Vans: Taking SoCal Surf-Culture Worldwide through Celebrity Endorsements

By: Natalie Filice, Katie Kirk, & McKenna McVicker The classic and immediately identifiable Vans “Old Skool” sneaker has proved to be a universal fashion staple for the past several years. Regardless of age, style, or social status, Vans has successfully transcended their brand from a solely surfer shoe, to an essential item that is found […]

International Pricing Gone Wrong: The Grey Market Risk

According to investopedia, a Grey Market is a market where a product is bought and sold outside of the manufacturer’s authorized trading channels. For an International Grey Market to be established, it needs to be profitable for entrepreneurs to buy from another country for cheap and sell it in another country for more. Grey Markets […]