Amazon: Technology Making International Marketing Easy

  According to a Reuters article from earlier this year, more than one-quarter of all Amazon sales for third-party sellers on the platform were cross-border transactions. Leveraging its supply chain infrastructure, brand recognition, and international customer service operations, Amazon is able to provide sellers with a level of support that makes selling internationally nearly as […]

Important international business organizations and their influences—Part-ii

Benefits and Challenges at the same time Join IBOs could bring different effects to businesses and member countries. From one hand, IBOs give business a good platform that would allow them to match resources globally. From another hand, Join IBOs could also put more constraints and extreme competition to developing businesses and member countries. The […]

Important international business organizations and their influences–Part I

Globalization brought great opportunities to developing countries and businesses. Among the infrastructure of globalization, International business organizations played a very important role in the process of globalization and the communication between businesses. Moreover, these organizations have also become essential tools for dealing conflicts and developments between their members. As an international marketer, understand these IBOs’ […]

How Small Retailers are Fighting Back with Social Media

As international retailers continue to push for a seamless shopping experience in every corner of the globe, small retailers are forced to become increasingly creative in their fight to keep their heads above the water in the riptide of competitive retail markets. Truthfully, it’s hard to go against the raging tide of e-commerce mania and […]

Why You Need an IT Consultant for Your Business

Over the years, IT consultants have gained more importance as information and technology has changed the way businesses now operate. Keeping up with the technology trends, and handling an IT department can be a very daunting task, hence the need for an IT consultant. IT consultants are highly specialized experts that aim at advising and […]