Factors Affecting Price determination, and Pricing Strategies

• Foreign market characteristics: Industrial and economic progress, communications and marketing infrastructure, technological equipment, laws and regulations affecting the community affect export performance. When the conditions of the foreign market differ from the domestic market, the problem of obtaining the required information is intensified. This uncertainty and lack of information may increase the likelihood of making […]

Pricing Strategies

All previous research agrees that pricing strategies are grouped into three categories:  1) Cost-based pricing 2) Competitive pricing  3) Customer-based pricing.  Cost pricing is derived from cost accounting information, in which cost plus interest is expressed as a price. This method does not pay attention to competitive issues. In price-based competition, the observed or forecasted […]

Pricing In International Markets

Pricing Principles All organizations and companies set prices for the goods and services they offer. The price of goods and services in marketing is the amount of money or cost the buyer is willing to pay in exchange for receiving them. This price may be in the form of various concepts such as tuition, subscriptions, […]