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Mel Gibson aka. William Wallace, Martin Riggs, the Road Warrior, will RETURN


Mad Mel, as he has become known can make a comeback in Hollywood. Gibson’s brand has suffered no doubt about it but let us not forget he realized the greatness that is Braveheart; added the coolness in the Lethal Weapons series, and was a hero to many film fans. The man's brand has generated millions in the last decades and should again.

When a Mel Gibson movie was announced, his brand commanded near universal respect and movie going audiences were assured that the movie would be of high quality.braveheart2_gibson--400x300

As a first step to repair his brand, Mel Gibson should do one of the following:

– Get hired in an ensemble movie that will see wide release

-Work with a high Profile director. ie Christopher Nolan, Michael Bay, etc

– Get a likeable role in a comedy in order to get audiences to laugh with and at him. He should not star but be a part of a bigger cast

– Have a bit role in an established franchise

– Go back to one of his existing franchises ie Mad Max, Lethal Weapon, Braveheart 2: More freedom

– Stop ranting racist remarks, avoid going to jail, and stop screaming at ex.’s while being recorded by said ex

Let’s all band together and help William Wallace regain his former glory…

Mel Gibson in Mad Max 2.