Global Marketing

Considering Brand Equity When Investing

Building a premium brand in the minds of consumers goes far beyond creating a nice logo and slogan.  It requieres an ability to consistently deliver on the promises made to consumers.  Additionally, there must be clear communication of core values and internal mantra's that guide decision making company wide.  Further still, a trainable and duplicatable system that shapes employee mindsets and provides them with the tools they need to perform has to exist.  The work environment needs to echo these premium core values and attract premium talent.  The financial and time investment necessary to create a premium brand is quite large and takes dedication.

Apple is more than the sum of it's products and logo.  Their core values resonate throughout their internal systems, product designs, manufacturing processes, purchase and post purchase customer experiences and social responsiveness.  Their system has proven itself with groundbreaking and hugely successful products.  Their system, envisioned and created by their marketing team, is their most valuable asset and will continue to pay dividends for years to come.

So what about Apple stock?  Apple's stock price was down to $421 per share today, close to their 52-week low of $419 and far below the 52-Week high of $705.  With technology converging at a lightning pace and Apple sitting on the absolute best system to deliver products yet to be imagined, I suggest that it's a great time to buy as much Apple stock as you can afford.  It's not simply an investment in their current product line but rather an investment in their marketing strategy that's been translated into a proven business system.