Aldi Caters to Health Trend

A consumer trend that has taken the food industry by storm is a more health-conscious customer, no longer consuming for taste, but for holistic nutrition. According to research, the global market for organic foods will be worth $323 billion by 2024, with more than 60 percent of consumers attributing “healthfulness” as an influencing deciding purchasing […]

Apple Cross Cultural Consistency

Apple is an international brand that offers the same products accross different cultures. An iPhone in China looks like an iPhone sold in the US. Apple’s cross international marketing team aims to provide a consistent experience across different cultures. This is seemingly different from other brands who will completely customize their product offerings to cater […]

Uber in Saudi Arabia

Uber’s initial success was achieved through its capitalization of consumers’ need for a convenient and low cost option in transportation and from the drivers’ perceptive, a fast and easy way to earn extra income. Uber was founded in 2009 by Travis Kalanick, serving as CEO in the majority of the company’s existence, and was the […]

Dunkin Donuts International Offerings

Donuts can make people happy across many different cultures but did you know that donut cultural origins can be traced back to the middle east and Europe in the 1400s? They didn’t arrive in America until dutch settlers introduced them to Americans in the early 1800s. With this information it is clear that a multi […]

Made in China

A strong communitarian culture has been instilled and enforced by the Chinese government. In other words, individual success or individuality is frowned upon. Rather, as a group or community, true success is manageable. If an initiative or project fails, the group fails, and if there is success, it is because of the group as a […]

Driving A British Sports Car in The USA

When posting content online, it often goes to all corners of the globe. With that comes misunderstandings stemming from differences in culture. Many individuals view and judge things from the cultural experiences they have obtained themselves, in their own geographic location. This can be seen when a British commenter talks about getting better miles per […]

“Taking over the Mother-tucking World”

Ever since the first season aired in 2009, RuPaul’s Drag Race, a reality show featuring drag queens competing for the crown and a cash prize, but also highlighting issues of self-acceptance, self-expression, and the dismantling of societal norms, coupled with the popularity and strength of social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, has become a global […]