Apple Cross Cultural Consistency

Apple is an international brand that offers the same products accross different cultures. An iPhone in China looks like an iPhone sold in the US. Apple's cross international marketing team aims to provide a consistent experience across different cultures. This is seemingly different from other brands who will completely customize their product offerings to cater to different cultures. Apple has stated that it is committed to “bringing the best user experience to its customers through its innovative hardware, software, and services”

Apple Store in China

Even with this consistency across products and even the look of the stores in different countries, apple does still pay attention to different cultures. One of the ways that it does this is customize its content toward different audiences. For example with their garage band software, they will add in culturally appropriate instruments depending on the audience. This ensures that even in different cultures, people can get the same brand experience across apple products.

The Erhu Instrument in Garage Band

Another important way that apple maintains the same experience across different cultures is to hire local translators and writers to ensure that the copy is written in the same effective manor in every language. This is important because many brands have translated things incorrectly and caused themselves major headaches when selling to another culture.

An example of a Chinese Apple Ad

With these examples, we can see that while many brands go through radical strategies when selling to cross cultural markets, apple strives to maintain it's core identity. An apple product in China looks the same as an apple product in Mexico, Russia, or the US. Not only that but the brand experience is maintained across all of these cultures. This cross cultural consistency is very refreshing and as we have seen with apples great success, it has been very effective.