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Impulse Buying

I recently became a victim of impulse buying. I was working on a class project on the company Crocs, when suddenly I felt the urge to buy a pair. I was the type of person who swore they would never wear Crocs, let alone buy a pair! However, they got me. While conducting research on the company, I started to fall in love with them and started to consider buying a pair. As I started to browse their website, I saw that they happened to be having a sale for 30% off plus another 10% when you sign up for their newsletter.

Next thing I know I am inputting my email and adding a pair of white Crocs with cute little disney Jibbitz to my cart. After securing my discount, I bought them! I promise there was only about a span of 5 minutes between me considering them to me actually purchasing them. I realized that I fell victim to impulse buying (I do not regret my decision at all as I am even more in love now that I physically have them).

I know that I am not the first to do this nor will I be the last. So it got me thinking, why do we impulse buy?

First off, what is impulse buying? An article I found states, “An impulse buy is anytime you purchase something you weren’t planning to. If it’s not planned for in your budget ahead of time, it’s an impulse buy” (Cruze, 2022). Even though we are aware of it, why do we still do it?

There are a few things that can contribute to the reasons why we impulse buy. Maybe we just love to shop, and buying things brings us joy. For other's we love the feeling of getting what we perceive to be a good deal. Other times we might just need a little pick me up to help better our mood. Whatever the reason is, our brains do get some enjoyment out of it.

So tell me, have you ever found yourself impulse buying as well?

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