Global Marketing

McDonalds Global Success

When lookin at companies that have been successful in global expansion McDonalds stands out as a leader. Recognized as one of the largest fast food brands globally McDonalds has been able to find that sweet spot of standardization and adaptation to become one of the top Global restaurant brands in the world. Much of McDonalds global success is a result of their uniformity and standardized approach that gives everyone around the world the same McDonalds experience. Although McDonalds around the world look the same, Large Gold arches, they have done a great job in adapting their menu to best fit the local market. McDonalds does great job of understanding its markets and offering food items that its customers want and desire. In an article by Martin on Clevrism, It explains how McDonalds successfully implemented the “McArabia” in the Middle East by offering flatbread sandwiches along with other adaptive strategies like macaroons in France, and green chili cheeseburger in Mexico to name a few.

In class we discussed the importance of global. advertising and culture and how utilizing the information given about a specific market can help a company better understand and plan for new markets. One of the most overlooked concepts are cultural barriers and how foreign companies fail to assimilate and localize their business. McDonalds does a great job in understanding that although most people know McDonalds and what they are, they still pride themselves on becoming part of a community and assimilating to specific cultures.