Global Marketing

What’s on Your Plate?

Hey everyone! Recently, our class presented our final marketing projects! My group and I did our project on the company Kellogg's and it really got me thinking about how different our eating habits are around the world.

It is no question that food is a big part of our daily lives, we literally can't live without it. This semester I have taken multiple international classes and although I have not traveled internationally yet, I have learned that that food is usually at the center of a country's culture. For our Kellogg's project specifically, I learned that in the Indian market there is a huge trend towards urbanization. This trend is affecting the way people eat because there is simply no more time to prepare traditional meals.

It is no question that COVID-19 changed our world. When everything was first getting shut down, panic buying for staple home goods swept through the nation. An article I found states, “Nutrition took a back seat this year because consumers were trying to figure out how to handle one day from the next and planning for health became more of luxury for many” (Seifer, 2020). Being forced at home caused people to eat more to cope with the anxieties of what was going on in the world.

I came across a journal called “Effects of cultural background on consumer perception and acceptability of foods and drinks: a review of latest cross-cultural studies”. One quote that stood out to me was, “Culture is one of the main factors that could determine an individuals’ overall attitude toward foods” (Jeong et al., 2021). To me, this makes total sense because our ancestors survived on what the land provided them. Different regions will have different types of animals and plants due to the climate and location. So it makes sense that traditional foods have natural and organic ingredients. We will also grow up to like the foods that we were exposed to because it is familiar to us.

What we are familiar with, influences what we buy when it comes to food. Someone who has been exposed to different types of cuisines will be more open to trying new foods compared to someone who isn't as familiar. However, whatever is going on in our daily lives will also influence what we buy to eat or how we even get our food.

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