When a “sale” is more than just a sale…

Marketing analysts have been using consumer’s characteristics and behaviors to play a considerable role in strategy formation of sales.  In the 1960’s, Black Friday gave birth to modern day sales tactics.  Retailers claimed it was the point of the year that they turned a profit or were “in the black” and it essentially took them […]

Acquisition – Congratulations you’ve been acquired by a brand…

… and you didn’t even know it! Welcome to our first post in our series on CONSUMER INVOLVEMENT MARKETING. The song “How Much is That Dog in the Window” and the hit 80’s movie “Mannequin” have two things in common – they both speak to the willingness we have as consumers to be attracted to… […]

The Path to Developing New Sucessful Products

By MIKE GORDON,CHRIS MUSSO, ERIC REBENTISCH And NISHEETH GUPTA “Is your company finding it hard to develop new products? If so, you might try learning from the masters.” The Wall STREET Journal Report Originally, I when I first posted this article, I really wanted everyone to just read it; I didn’t realize I probably should add my “2 Cents” […]

Mario and Luigi need an Apple- An Example of Integrated Growth

Yes friends Mario and Luigi, these lovable Italian stereotypes have represented Nintendo since the company’s inception. And of course we have Apple; represented by an apple. So what does this blog title really mean? Team Alpha submits to you our Marketing Strategy of the day. What’s this strategic plan? You guessed it – Integrative Growth! […]

Cross Cultural Marketing Mishaps

Good afternoon EMBA class of 2014. After going with many of my fellow classmates and spouses this weekend to South Coast Repertory to see the play Chinglish it inspired me to create a blog on cross cultural marketing mishaps.  For those of us that have seen Chinglish the examples below reinforce the importance of working […]

Consumer Research: Is there an algorithm for that?

How does a company know what consumers want? In the case of Nexflix, executives simply look at the selection of videos that consumers choose to watch. Last year, NPR produced a segment on the importance of algorithms as a critical aspect of Netflix’s consumer research. The company uses algorithms to analyze consumer choices, and armed […]

News Flash – Marketing Wars have been declared. We are at DEFCON 1.

“Gentlemen! Start your engines.”  A famous introduction heard to start some of the most prestigious auto racing events like the Indianapolis 500.  Historic races have pinned the highly favored No. 1 racer going against the promising field. No, war has not been declared on a sporting event, but instead it is being declared in the […]

Global marketing management

Marketing management is key to the achievement of aspirations, it is in general factor of economy improvement and of course before that  companies, employees, and workers , and we believe according to that marketing management is  the most important player in economy field  with important role of managing the economy all over the world. On […]