Amazon: Technology Making International Marketing Easy

  According to a Reuters article from earlier this year, more than one-quarter of all Amazon sales for third-party sellers on the platform were cross-border transactions. Leveraging its supply chain infrastructure, brand recognition, and international customer service operations, Amazon is able to provide sellers with a level of support that makes selling internationally nearly as […]

How to prioritize your marketing efforts-with example of Amazon

Amazon has more than 40 product categories shown in their website and they continue to expand into grocery market (Amazon acquiring Wholefoods) and create their own house products. This retail giant is the largest online retailer in the world measured by revenue and market capitalization and second largest after Alibaba Group in terms of total […]

E-commerce Regulations: International Opportunity or Threat

The US, Japan, and Singapore are among nearly a dozen World Trade Organization (WTO) members that are pushing for international e-commerce regulations.  The US has specified that the agreement should cover the free flow of information, digital security, fair treatment of digital products, trade facilitation, protection of proprietary information, and facilitation of internet services. At […]

Greener Shipping: Impact on Global Marketing

Earlier this month, the UN International Maritime Organisation (IMO) reached an agreement to reduce carbon emissions in the shipping industry by 50% from 2008 levels by 2050.  The implementation strategy for this plan is not expected to be finalized until 2023 and it has been suggested that it may be subject to review in 2028. […]

Facebook kickoff the race of AI M&A activity

Facebook acquired Ozlo to help boost its online chatting application (Messenger) ability to help its users and predict their needs via Ozlo’s AI technology. Facebook’s Messenger already are gearing towards understudying the users via a series of virtual assistants, Facebook look to increase that capabilities with Ozlo’s technology. Facebook’s Messenger app earlier this year rolled […]

Harley Davidson: Globalizing to Survive

Photo Credit: Photo by Mikes Photos from Pexels Founded in 1903, Harley Davidson is an iconic American motorcycle brand with a rich history and loyal brand following. The company is known for its heavyweight motorcycles with engine displacements greater than 700 cm³ but has broadened its product offerings to mid-sized and smaller motorcycles in order to […]

Samsung Electronic’s road to global domination

  Headquartered in Seoul, Republic of Korea, Samsung operates in numerous locations in South Korea, the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, and China. Altogether with a series of subsidiaries and affiliates, Samsung operates in more than 72 countries globally. Located at the heart of Asia and as part of an island, South Korea has the […]

How food businesses leveraging social media to boost brand loyalty

Many social factors influence markets that retail businesses serve. Business are keenly interested in effective marketing and in the quality of the products and services they sell. Many food businesses in the U.S. understand that they need to become familiar with the various social factors that can influence their customers’ buying behaviors. Further more, some business […]