Global Marketing

Retail and Tech

This week I'd like to bring to light a company that plays a specific role in the retail space. Retail that I don't think much about, ATM, Self/Non-Self-Checkout, Restaurant Digital Menus, often uses customized software. The software can improve the customer's satisfaction or frustrate them enough to leave. Networld Media Group plays as a medium between tech and in-person experiences. A business's ability to centralize information is necessary for efficiency. Small businesses are offered a better chance of growing with the help of software such as those made by Networld Media Group. They specialize in Food, Retail, Payments, & tech per their website. (

Covid-19 was an opportunity for retailers to change course to the future. Retail is dying but will not likely be extinguished. In combination with retail software, AI is the future if we look at Amazon and their new Amazon Fresh stores. As we get to a fully AI process, current retailers would be planning to let go of a large number of employees. I wanted to identify a trend that could work in Networld Media Group and similar B2B, with an outlook of growth.