Global Marketing

How the Las Vegas Raiders can strengthen their Global Brand

The Las Vegas Raiders are an American football team. They have been around since 1960. Since their inception, they have accumulated fans from all over the world. They are beloved for their colors and their rebel image. Their fan base is so big that they are referred to as the “Raider Nation”. This blog will serve as a blueprint for how the Raiders can continue to strengthen their global brand.

Existing Network

The Raiders should tap into their existing network abroad. As stated previously, the Raiders have fans from all over the world. What they can do is interact with these fans via social media. They can encourage their fans to post pictures in front of historic monuments from their respective countries. They can then upload these pictures to their official social media site. This could serve as free advertising for the company and show how big the Raider Nation really is.

International Popups

In a previous blog, I mentioned the importance of conducting popups internationally. For one, they can inform the potential consumers about the Raiders and the rich history that comes with them. Also, they can be a fun way to engage with the fans by offering games and activities for people of all ages to participate in. Popular Raider players from the past and present could also make guest appearances to engage with the fans. These popups, if conducted correctly will help to accumulate new fans and bring more attention to the brand.


It can be extremely helpful for the Raiders to partner with local TV broadcasters in other countries. By partnering with local broadcasters in other countries it can help not only the Raiders but the NFL increase its global brand. This will help the Raiders gain more exposure in countries where American football is not very popular. By showing exclusively Raider games it will ensure that the Raiders will be the team of choice for these regions.


In conclusion, if the Raiders wish to strengthen their global brand they need to consider the ideas illustrated in this blog. They need to tap into their existing network abroad to get free worldwide advertising. The Raiders should also consider conducting more popups to bring more attention to their brand. Lastly, they should partner with local TV broadcasters to exclusively show their games with the goal of becoming the team of choice in these regions.