Global Marketing

PepsiCo & Kendall Jenner

Marketing plays a huge roll in the success of a company and their brand awareness. PepsiCo one of the largest multi food and beverage conglomerate in the world. Since its incorporation PepsiCo has done an outstanding job creating brand awareness and brand loyalty through various subsidiaries and marketing campaigns. Like many companies all it take is one bad marketing ad and the brand awareness takes a huge hit. This was evident in PepsiCo marketing ad with Kendall Jenner in 2017. During a time with lots of civil unrest and transition politically there was a divide between law enforcement and citizens throughout the United States. The marketing ad was Famous TV personality and supermodel Kendal Jenner giving a police officer a Pepsi soda during a protest with the slogan “live bolder, live louder, live for the now”. This ad created an uproar given the person they chose in the ad. For many the thought of a supermodel bringing both sides together rubbed people the wrong way and questioned PepsiCo image. This further proves that companies must tread lightly when combining marketing strategy with politics. For many consumers separation from politics is the best strategy. If PepsiCo marketing team had done more research they could've prevented this mishap or maybe used a different approach.