Studying INSURANCE- Team I’s got your back…

Hello fellow classmates, Now that we’re in the home stretch for Marketing Management, with a strategic marketing plan, presentation, AND exam this week, you may be short on time. So, Team I would like to share with you: All you need to know about marketing in 88 words… Best of luck in the days ahead!

Is the costumer always right?

By Joshua Cichuniec Having dealt with many customers over the years, some great and some I would have liked to slap across the face, living by the mantra that “the costumer is always right” has no place in a successful customer retention program.  Since customers ultimately become your unpaid marketing force, it’s a good idea […]

How else can businesses utilize the Web to connect to its costumers?

By Joshua Cichuniec On my search to answer the question, “How else can businesses utilize the web to connect to its customers?” I was led to a bio of the man that started it all — Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web.  Currently the founder and director of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), […]

Mel Gibson aka. William Wallace, Martin Riggs, the Road Warrior, will RETURN

Mad Mel, as he has become known can make a comeback in Hollywood. Gibson’s brand has suffered no doubt about it but let us not forget he realized the greatness that is Braveheart; added the coolness in the Lethal Weapons series, and was a hero to many film fans. The man’s brand has generated millions […]

Considering Brand Equity When Investing

Building a premium brand in the minds of consumers goes far beyond creating a nice logo and slogan.  It requieres an ability to consistently deliver on the promises made to consumers.  Additionally, there must be clear communication of core values and internal mantra’s that guide decision making company wide.  Further still, a trainable and duplicatable […]

Sensory Delight – Is sensory marketing considered manipulative?

To what extent do marketers persuade and influence consumers in their consumption by appealing to (subconscious) senses and is considered manipulative. It is well known that people use, and are influenced by their senses all of the time, whether conscious or subconscious. In order to influence consumers in their decision making process marketers are using […]