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How to Effectively Manage Your Cleaning Business

Managing a cleaning service business is a lot of work. It involves coordination, careful planning, and diligence. You should be able to effectively manage your team to offer the best service to companies and organizations.

The following are tips to guide you

  • Have your kind of clients

To maximize your profits and skills, specialize in cleaning for a particular kind of clients. Target specific audience such as commercial businesses. This creates a brand for you and people in that area know who to contact. Don’t try to be everywhere. This also allows for referrals/ recommendations.

  • Attract office clients

Print fliers and business cards to give to prospective clients. You can also create a website that lists the services you provide. Include locations you specialize in and testimonials from old clients. You can also email managers or visit firms and note areas of improvement and then offer your services.

  • Charge enough to cover expenses

When you charge your clients, calculate the amount spent on acquiring cleaning supplies and time taken to get the job done. This will give you an idea of how much it costs to clean an office or firm and determines what you charge your client.

  • Have a cleaning method

Develop a system that doesn’t waste time. You can clean one office once and then move on to the next one or you can do the basic in each room then vacuum the whole office or block.

  • Get the best price for your cleaning supplies

While you are working on getting the right products for your cleaning tools and equipment, you should also try as much as possible to save money.  You can do this by buying your supplies in bulk. Buying in bulk reduces cost and maximizes profits. You can also get concentrated cleaners and dilute them in part.

  • Offer discounts to new customers

You can offer discounts to your new customers for their first cleaning service. This will bring more clients your way. You can also allow for refunds in cases where your clients are dissatisfied with your job.

  • Hire passionate employees

Hire people who are passionate and enjoy their work. Your clients are trusting you to deliver the best and your employees should understand that too. You can use an employment agency to help you hire the best candidates. Good employees get the job done well and earn you loyal clients. Your employees are a representation of your company and determine what feedback you get. Take your time and hire the right ones. You can also use GPS tracking systems to monitor your mobile employees.


In all, a cleaning business can be profitable, but you can lose a lot if you don't do your homework well. Managing your employees is a top priority as they are mobile and it can be hard to keep up with, as you are not always with them. Have clear expectations and be flexible as a cleaning business owner. State your goals and clear standards.

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How to Effectively Market Your Commercial Office Space

Marketing commercial office space can be a very challenging task. It is even more difficult than marketing a residential space. Prospective tenants of a commercial office space look out for different things. They see the office space as a place to generate income. Other than working on logistics like pricing, renovations and offering quality services, there is still the factor of getting businesses and organizations to sign leases and fill up space.

Below are tips to consider when marketing your office space

  • Publicity

Prospective tenants cannot lease your property if they are not aware of its availability. Publicity is, therefore, an integral part of getting tenants. As a landlord, make good use of the internet. Google is a great search engine used by businesses and organizations when searching for space. You can send email marketing messages to everyone you know. Provide a link to your website for additional information. You can also place a sign on the property you want to lease out. The point is to get the word out there. You can also make use of online newspaper ads.

  • Update your website

Put up photos of all the areas of your space. List the amenities you have to offer; unit sizes, parking space and available utilities. You can also list things they can easily access, like transportation, nearby shopping areas etc. Help them see what is so great about your property. Add your phone number and email to make it easy for prospects to contact you.

  • Promote other businesses

As a landlord, when advertising your space, you can also market the products of other small businesses that have rented your space or are occupying it presently. This will help potential tenants see your interest in not just their money but their business as well. They see you as someone interested in the welfare of others and are willing to trade with you.

  • Get social

There are social avenues that can be used to market your commercial space. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn are examples of such medium. By adding your property to LinkedIn or Facebook and connecting with professionals in your area, you are increasing the exposure of your assets.

  • Stay in touch

Every potential tenant usually takes time to make inquiries before making a decision. A potential tenant that contacts you today may not have plans of moving into the new office space till after a year. Don't lose contact with them. Post reminders online and stay connected. Answer as many questions as you can.

  • Offer incentives

You can also offer finder's fee to people who help you find tenants. This will serve as a means of encouraging referrals.

It is pertinent to state that there is a lot to consider when it comes to leasing commercial office space. It is therefore important when you are leasing a commercial space to go as public as you can but don’t be in so much hurry that you end up getting the wrong tenants.

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What to Look Out For: 5 Traits of a Professional Project Manager

Your business requires finding the right project manager for critical success. A project manager generally handles your project from the beginning to the end, also ensuring the project is done on time, successful and on budget. So when you have a large project or a project you cannot handle personally, they are the key to a successful completion. Therefore, when you are hiring one, it pays to hire the right one for the job.

5 Traits of a Professional Project Manager

  • Ability to organize and assign

This is obviously the first trait you should look out for, before you hire. The project manager must have organizational skills, and meticulously systematic. He/she must be able to arrange the project’s data in a way that is understandable, and most importantly control and allocate roles to the team members.

  • Communication skills

A professional project manager knows how to communicate clearly and precisely, write clearly, has bargaining power. He/she must be able to communicate with everyone in a way that will be perfectly understood. They should also be able to speak professionally and affirmatively with the clients, and of course communicate with you too. In fact a project manager without a good communication skill is most likely to disappoint you in the end.

  • Competence and inspiring leadership

It is also important for him/her to be capable of managing the project with the available resources, stipulated budget, and perfectly on time. He/she must be a charismatic leader, full of life, and can inspire and motivate the team members during tough times. He/she must be an optimist and a visionary, always seeing an opportunity in every situation. They must also be capable of making good decisions always, and be willing to do what’s best for your project always.

  • Dwell on experience over certification

There are so many professional project managers out there that do not have the certificate. If you want a certified project manager, that’s totally fine. But if you overload your team with certified project managers with no good experience, you might regret it in the end. If you hire based on experience, you will get a great talent that some certified project managers don’t even have.

  • Look out for passion-driven managers

Project managers that are passion driven are driven to finish successfully. They are driven to fully satisfy you. They are driven to lead the project team successfully, and bring the best out of them. A professional project manager is in love with his/her work, and their top priority is to make sure everything goes smoothly as planned. Even if there is a hitch along the way, they will know how the best way to still move the project to success because that’s their main goal.


In all, whether your business’s project will fail or succeed, depends on the project manager you hire. Also hiring a good one is not luck, but rather the result of good preparation and knowledge.

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5 Tips for Hiring a Great Web Developer for Your Business

Hiring a web developer can be one of the most critical decisions you will ever have to make. After all, it is a web developer that is responsible for the creation of the online face for your company that will enable you to interact with your customers. So it is very important to hire the right person for the job, else you risk harming your business and also wasting time and money looking for a replacement. In order to avoid these, here are five tips to help you in the selection process:

  • Know what you don’t want and what you want

The first thing to do before searching for a web developer is to make a list of the websites you admire. List out what you like about these websites, whether their designs, workflow or their functions. This will help the developer to know what you want and what you are expecting. Also, try to list out what you don't like about some of the websites so that your web developer will not make the same mistake while developing yours.

  • Check out your potential web developer’s portfolio

When hiring a web developer, their experience and skills are very important. So reviewing their past or current job will help you to know if they suit your taste, or can deliver what you want perfectly. You can also ask the web developer for past references and look at the sites previously designed, and also ask for help navigating through the portfolios.

  • Don’t choose a web developer with a particular skill set

When you are selecting a web developer, don't choose a developer that only knows a specific technology and may not adapt when a new one comes along. Rather, choose a developer that has the aptitude and can learn new technologies easily when they come up, and also adapt to situations easily.

  • Be sure the designer can meet your deadline before you start

Ask the developer if he/she can meet up with your deadline before you commit to the web developer. Also when you are discussing your web project, ask if he/she is clear on what you want for your project, the number of changes you want on the project, and the timeline to be met.

  • Set a realistic budget

The cost of your website design depends on the requirements of the project. Which includes the intricate design of the website, special functions, and the number of pages. In web developing, you get what you paid for. Although, you might be able to get it for a cheaper price from another person, always remember quality is important too.


In the end try finding a website developer that has proven results, a good reputation, and one that you can trust with your website project. Even though the process of selecting a web developer can be tiring, tedious, and very stressful, we hope these tips can help you make decisions easily.

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Why You Need an IT Consultant for Your Business

Over the years, IT consultants have gained more importance as information and technology has changed the way businesses now operate. Keeping up with the technology trends, and handling an IT department can be a very daunting task, hence the need for an IT consultant. IT consultants are highly specialized experts that aim at advising and working with businesses on how to efficiently make use of information technology to achieve their goals.

Benefits of Hiring an I.T Consultant for your business

  • access to IT experts

Many businesses lack an IT department to help them solve technical problems when they arise. An experienced IT consultant is likely to have solved a problem similar to the current one your business is facing. So by hiring an IT consultant, you will have access to an experienced IT veteran that not only solves technology problems but can also spot and prevent problems in future.

  • Improved business

IT consultants are conversant with the new technology trends to employ for your business to get improved efficiency and productivity. They offer solutions that best suits your business, and they also know the best way to implement the solutions to get an improved result. Hiring an IT consultant also ensures that your business continues to go smoothly with little or no interruption.

  • reduced costs

IT consultants are mostly employed to solve a particular problem for a specific period. Which allows for a more effective way to save money as you won't spend the way you spend on a full-time employee. When you hire an IT consultant you already know all the expenses you will be spending upfront with no surprises in future. Many IT consults can even work within the budget restriction set for them.

  • more time to focus on other business functions

Every employee performs best when they are focused on their own core competencies. So when you hire an IT consultant, it saves you and your employees the stress of trying to figure out information technology. So everyone will be able to focus on their job, and the business's efficiency will be increased.

  • Fast solution to problems

An IT consultant has had a lot of experiences from working with different firms and businesses. So when problems arise, they have the right amount of experience on how to tackle such problems quickly and efficiently. Your business return on investment will also be increased, when the company’s system is adequately planned by a professional IT consultant. Your mind can be at peace knowing that you have a support system in case of any technical hitch.

Conclusively, in this digital age, hiring an IT consultant is important if you want growth for your business. An IT consultant will offer technologies, and processes to properly secure your business's data. It doesn’t matter if your business is a small, medium, or a large corporation. Every business can make employ and benefit from the services of an information technology consultant.

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Choosing the Right Location for Your Business

Location is very paramount to the success of your business. It can affect costs and revenues.Choosing the right location means considering the following factors;

  • Population

Factors like; age, occupation and lifestyle are important parameters. This will help determine if your target markets are in that vicinity. It won’t make sense to set up your business in a senior housing area when your products are for young kids.

  • Security

It is equally important to check how safe your business location is. This will help you take necessary precautions or consider a new area. Checking the crime rate in a particular location is an important factor to be considered carefully.

  • Access to amenities

You have a great product and service to offer but how accessible is it? Your customers should be able to access your business anytime. Factors like availability of bus stops, parking areas and gas stations are vital.You can choose an out of town location but be sure it is accessible by bus, car or train. You should also consider accessibility when you want to have employees. A bad location can make you lose employees fast.

  • Visibility

Is your shop front visible? Is it close to the main road? Can it easily be located? People should find it easy to locate your business at any time.

  • Competitors

When choosing a location, it is important to consider those around the area that offers the same thing you do. Competitors can be helpful. They can motivate you to improve on your products. However, if there are too much competitors in one area, you might want to consider checking a new location.

  • Potential for growth

Are you starting a new business or looking to expand? A decision has to be made as to whether the location you are considering has the potential for growth. It won’t do to spend time and resources moving to a new place only to discover it offers no new opportunities and hampers growth. Will there be an increase in demand as time goes on?

  • Location costs

Consider not just the rent but other costs like; building maintenance, utilities and security. Other additional factors like painting, redecoration and renovation should equally be considered. If you will be spending so much then it should be worth it.

  • Personal factors

Every business owner should consider if the new location makes transit easy from home to your firm. It won’t make sense for your business to be so far away from your home except it is a branch. You should also remember that there might be rules placed on you as a tenant. So consider if these rules can work for you and won’t hinder your growth.



Every business has different locations that are perfect for its growth. So, pick the best for your business. Consider present and future goals while doing so. Basically, this is an area where you determine whether or not your business will experience success and maximum growth.

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Dealing with competitors; how to have an edge over your competitors.

In the business world, one thing is inevitable; RIVALS. There will always be that new office in the block that does exactly what you do. Someone will try to take your client because they offer the same thing that you do. But the question is; how do you deal with competitors? How do you stay ahead of your game? Before we go into that, i will like to point out that competitors are important. They keep you from becoming complacent. Competitors motivate you to improve your services and offer the best to your customers. Rather than getting worried about them, you can use the situation to your advantage. Here are few points that can act as a guide:

  • Don't ignore the competitor:

As a business owner, you can't afford to ignore your competitors. The reality is they are around and here to stay. Try ignoring them, and you might end up losing clients because they are offering better products and services. So number one rule, don't ignore the competitors.

  • Be different:

As a business owner, you have to be different. Clients have to know there is something different about you. Give them a reason to patronize you. You don't have to do the same things they do, build a brand and stick to it. Concentrate on your area of specialization and be the best at it.

  • Don't underestimate the competitors

When it comes to you, your competitors have one goal in mind: to beat you. They will come up with strategies and plans to stay ahead of you. Don't belittle the competitors. Startups most especially can come up with strategies that might knock you out of business. Don't underestimate your competitors.

  • Build a relationship with them

As strange as that sounds, building a relationship with your competitors is actually good as you can learn a lot from your competitors. It’s not about spying on them but creating a friendly atmosphere that allows for sharing of business ideas. Even if the competitor is being rude, remain friendly. You might end up winning few friends in the process. They are not your enemies after all; they just have the idea as you did. You might find yourselves sharing clients and strategies. For those that have been in the business longer, you can learn from their mistakes and limitations. This can help you improve on yours. Some of them can even become your mentors. It’s all about communication. If you have a competitor that is all about playing dirty, don't act in the same manner. Be courteous anyway.


Some of these points might be hard to follow because you might encounter some competitors that are all out to pull you down by all means. Don't lose sleep over that. Be the best in your field. Don't ignore them but don't focus all your energy and resources into beating them. You are responsible for your customers so let their satisfaction be your motivation.

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Marketing Tip: How to Position Your Marketing Agency for Growth

Managing a marketing agency is a lot of work. There are plenty of challenges to deal with, as it involves recognizing your key clients and how best to respond to their needs. It also involves stating your policies and what you stand for. Growth comes in stages and doing the wrong thing can hinder growth. Here are 5 ways to manage your marketing agency:

1) Help your clients know what you do

No client is willing to pay more for a job they don't really understand. As a marketing agency, it is your job to state what you have to offer. Let your clients understand what your contribution will be to their company and what exposure it will give them. People will definitely pay for what is of value so explain your work in simple terms and let them see the reason why money is being spent.

2) Don't be afraid to start small

As much as you will like to start making large profits, start small. No one wants to invest in a place that is yet to prove their worth. Take on small jobs in your area of specialization and be excellent at it. Earn the trust of your clients. It’s like making a good first impression. This will encourage your clients to give you bigger contracts.

3) Understand your clients and their needs

When it comes to marketing, it is important to know your clients and what they are all about. Identify the needs of your clients, their theme and strong points. This will help you know how to market them effectively. A client that has their needs responded to will definitely come again. Don't do rough work with your clients, take your time to learn about them.

4) Understand your capabilities and shortcomings

As a marketing agency, it is not just about making profits. You should know what you are capable of and how fast you are able to turn out work. It is not right to promise a deadline you can't meet. That's dishonesty and no client wants to stick with that.

Know when you have too much work on your hands and when you need to hire more hands to handle the extra work. As a marketing agency, know your capabilities, limitations and future goals so you can make plans that are in line with them.

5) Have a brand

Every business should have a theme. A brand that is peculiar to them. As a marketing agency, you should have something people know you for. There are so many agencies that you need to be distinct. What can your clients get from you that they won't get elsewhere? Have a brand and be exceptionally good at it. When needs arises in that area, your clients know who to contact. Be different.


The points listed above all point to one thing; growth starts small and improves over time. If you are able to prove your worth and respond to your clients needs on time, you will definitely record growth and more clients being committed to your agency.