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What to Look Out For: 5 Traits of a Professional Project Manager

Your business requires finding the right project manager for critical success. A project manager generally handles your project from the beginning to the end, also ensuring the project is done on time, successful and on budget. So when you have a large project or a project you cannot handle personally, they are the key to a successful completion. Therefore, when you are hiring one, it pays to hire the right one for the job.

5 Traits of a Professional Project Manager

  • Ability to organize and assign

This is obviously the first trait you should look out for, before you hire. The project manager must have organizational skills, and meticulously systematic. He/she must be able to arrange the project’s data in a way that is understandable, and most importantly control and allocate roles to the team members.

  • Communication skills

A professional project manager knows how to communicate clearly and precisely, write clearly, has bargaining power. He/she must be able to communicate with everyone in a way that will be perfectly understood. They should also be able to speak professionally and affirmatively with the clients, and of course communicate with you too. In fact a project manager without a good communication skill is most likely to disappoint you in the end.

  • Competence and inspiring leadership

It is also important for him/her to be capable of managing the project with the available resources, stipulated budget, and perfectly on time. He/she must be a charismatic leader, full of life, and can inspire and motivate the team members during tough times. He/she must be an optimist and a visionary, always seeing an opportunity in every situation. They must also be capable of making good decisions always, and be willing to do what’s best for your project always.

  • Dwell on experience over certification

There are so many professional project managers out there that do not have the certificate. If you want a certified project manager, that’s totally fine. But if you overload your team with certified project managers with no good experience, you might regret it in the end. If you hire based on experience, you will get a great talent that some certified project managers don’t even have.

  • Look out for passion-driven managers

Project managers that are passion driven are driven to finish successfully. They are driven to fully satisfy you. They are driven to lead the project team successfully, and bring the best out of them. A professional project manager is in love with his/her work, and their top priority is to make sure everything goes smoothly as planned. Even if there is a hitch along the way, they will know how the best way to still move the project to success because that’s their main goal.


In all, whether your business’s project will fail or succeed, depends on the project manager you hire. Also hiring a good one is not luck, but rather the result of good preparation and knowledge.