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How to Effectively Market Your Commercial Office Space

Marketing commercial office space can be a very challenging task. It is even more difficult than marketing a residential space. Prospective tenants of a commercial office space look out for different things. They see the office space as a place to generate income. Other than working on logistics like pricing, renovations and offering quality services, there is still the factor of getting businesses and organizations to sign leases and fill up space.

Below are tips to consider when marketing your office space

  • Publicity

Prospective tenants cannot lease your property if they are not aware of its availability. Publicity is, therefore, an integral part of getting tenants. As a landlord, make good use of the internet. Google is a great search engine used by businesses and organizations when searching for space. You can send email marketing messages to everyone you know. Provide a link to your website for additional information. You can also place a sign on the property you want to lease out. The point is to get the word out there. You can also make use of online newspaper ads.

  • Update your website

Put up photos of all the areas of your space. List the amenities you have to offer; unit sizes, parking space and available utilities. You can also list things they can easily access, like transportation, nearby shopping areas etc. Help them see what is so great about your property. Add your phone number and email to make it easy for prospects to contact you.

  • Promote other businesses

As a landlord, when advertising your space, you can also market the products of other small businesses that have rented your space or are occupying it presently. This will help potential tenants see your interest in not just their money but their business as well. They see you as someone interested in the welfare of others and are willing to trade with you.

  • Get social

There are social avenues that can be used to market your commercial space. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn are examples of such medium. By adding your property to LinkedIn or Facebook and connecting with professionals in your area, you are increasing the exposure of your assets.

  • Stay in touch

Every potential tenant usually takes time to make inquiries before making a decision. A potential tenant that contacts you today may not have plans of moving into the new office space till after a year. Don't lose contact with them. Post reminders online and stay connected. Answer as many questions as you can.

  • Offer incentives

You can also offer finder's fee to people who help you find tenants. This will serve as a means of encouraging referrals.

It is pertinent to state that there is a lot to consider when it comes to leasing commercial office space. It is therefore important when you are leasing a commercial space to go as public as you can but don’t be in so much hurry that you end up getting the wrong tenants.