Advantages of Global Branding

At this point, we are masters at understanding what global branding truly means; but do we know how to master global branding for our businesses? In order to gain a competitive advantage by differentiating yourself from your competitors, bolster your reputation and retain customers; it is vital to have a strong, clear brand identity. This […]

7 Characteristics of Branding

As marketers, we’re always interested in viewing branding from as many angles as possible. Each marketer has a unique perspective when it comes to the most important things to remember in order to develop a successful brand. Jason DeMers takes an interesting perspective and proposes “The Top 7 Characteristics of Successful Brands.” We’re going to […]

4 Components of Global Branding

When considering expanding internationally, questions often arise when it comes to logistics, costs, risks, infiltration and more. However, there’s a big issue that’s often overlooked when it comes to successfully taking your company international. That issue is successfully establishing a global brand. We personally feel that branding is one of the more important aspects of […]