Global Branding in the Technology Industry

As globalization continues, several industries in particular have benefited more than others. Some of these industries include technology, financial services, consumer products, and construction just to name a few. The technology industry in particular has benefited more than most. It is expected to reach revenues of $398 Billion in 2019. Some of the top companies […]

Challenges of Global Marketing

Expanding your business globally can be an amazing opportunity for any business. However, successfully branding your business in a global scale can be fore challenging. We recently came across an article from Certona talking about the major struggles any company will face when transitioning into a global business model. The biggest issue to overcome is […]

7 Characteristics of Branding

As marketers, we’re always interested in viewing branding from as many angles as possible. Each marketer has a unique perspective when it comes to the most important things to remember in order to develop a successful brand. Jason DeMers takes an interesting perspective and proposes “The Top 7 Characteristics of Successful Brands.” We’re going to […]