Challenges of Global Marketing

Globe Simulation Model

Expanding your business globally can be an amazing opportunity for any business. However, successfully branding your business in a global scale can be fore challenging. We recently came across an article from Certona talking about the major struggles any company will face when transitioning into a global business model.

The biggest issue to overcome is breaking through cultural barriers. A big mistake several companies make is anticipating that they can copy and paste their present brand strategy across all borders with no adjustments. In order to successfully infiltrate a business across borders you must focus on the things that differentiate each country and make adjustments to branding and strategy where needed. It is without question that if companies don’t take the time to adjust accordingly to each culture that these companies will fail.

Another major issue in globalization is the wide spectrum of technological advancements throughout different countries. Transitioning from a country like the U.S. to a country like Singapore or Thailand can be a very difficult expansion depending on what field you’re currently operating in. If technological advances are not up to speed an organization may have to adjust operations distributions etc. in order to operate in a new country.

Another issue is difficulty communicating across borders and maintaining a strong brand. If a company is not careful and ensuring that communication is not strong across borders it is likely that a company’s brand image will be skewed and interpreted differently in different countries. Although this is sometimes the strategy companies opt to take, when it is not the selected strategy it is very important to maintain strong communication and strong implementation and management strategies to keep a cohesive brand.

The last major obstacle we’re going to discuss that companies face with global branding and expansion is dealing with laws in different countries. Laws and regulations in certain countries can greatly affect how a company operates from one country to the next. It is critical that a company does extensive research on rules and regulations in a country before entering to be sure none will detrimentally affect operations and infiltration.