Mastering Global Branding

At this point, we are masters at understanding what global branding truly means; but do we know how to master global branding for our businesses? In order to gain a competitive advantage by differentiating yourself from your competitors, bolster your reputation and retain customers; it is vital to have a strong, clear brand identity. This is especially true when taking your business global. Master these 5 Steps in order to build this brand identity:

Train to Maintain Brand Consistency

Consistency is key, especially when going beyond your country’s borders. Regardless of your business’s location, all marketing materials, brand guidelines, online platforms and office interiors should all be identical. This consistency should also be found beyond just the brand of your company, such as in customer experience and messaging; but should do so while also keeping in mind any cultural differences, standard regulations and customer expectations based on region.  

Develop Customizable Campaigns

Going global requires having to learn as much as possible about the new market and country you will be expanding into. After some research, you must then customize your business to the region, language and culture of your potential customers. This is where the challenge comes in. You must keep your brand consistent, while also customizing it to fulfill customer expectations of each separate market.

Vet All Brand Representatives

In order to secure your brand identity, it is important to hire the right people that can not only portray this identity, while also understanding the local customs of where they are located to tackle potential business problems. For this reason, it would be wise to consider hiring locally as they are already familiar with local culture, norms and laws. By including your senior leadership team in the hiring process, you will also be able to stay true to your brand and corporate values.

Address Issues Immediately

By ignoring any issues that arise, you can expect to see your business face some serious critiques all over social media. With the majority of the population being on social media it is important to address and issue and provide solutions immediately. This requires equipping your teams with the necessary tools and skills to handle complaints that meet your company global standards.

Get to Know the Competition

This goes back to gaining a competitive advantage. Understanding the competitive market within each region will not only give you an upper hand, but might also help you discover some unlikely allies. Consumer preferences are constantly changing, so being prepared to work with competing companies would be a smart proactive move to ensure the future growth of your business.

It is important to find that balance between consistency and customization, while maintaining control over all aspects of your business as it goes global. Follow these steps and your business stands a chance of having a strong brand identity.