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2022 Global Consumer Behavior Shifts due to Covid-19

I recently came across an article touching on the shift of consumer behavior in 2022 due to the pandemic. As I was reading through these predictions, I realized that I fall into the category of people that were being described. In 2022, consumers are looking for purchases or experiences that give an instant sense of comfort or gratification. Now, this is at a greater scale of “instant” than we have seen before. Prior to the pandemic, our generation was already known to be in search of instant gratification due to technological advances taking over our daily lives (social media, short-term rentals, binge-watching, etc…). The article states that this might come as an example of at-home spa kits or comfort foods. However, I believe it is way more instant and globally connected than that.

These last two years of ZOOM and remote work, we all realized how easily, conveniently, and quickly we can connect to anyone around the world through technology. As a result, more consumers have higher expectations that digital experiences work well. It is expected for companies to double down on building a successful and sustainable digital experience.

According to another article from the OC Register, more than half of the surveyed consumers expect a page to load in 3 seconds or less. This comes to no surprise as Digital Marketing executive Huy Nguyen said, “In today’s digitally-connected world, where many people have access to high-speed internet at home and on the go through their mobile devices, It’s completely reasonable for consumers to expect a quick and easy online shopping experience.” I believe, the reliance on technology's speed during the pandemic has led to consumers expecting quicker turnaround time than ever before.

Tell me, has your patience grown thinner since the start of the pandemic?

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