Global Marketing

Nike’s Success in the Global Market

Global marketing strategy is the reason behind so many successful companies becoming powerhouses around the world. These strategies cater to, and encompass, various countries across the globe to ensure that customers become fans of the product or service in their culture. The integration of international cultures into a company’s marketing strategy allows for that company to gain favor with the local region, and grows a loyal customer base that is able to grow from within. 

Nike, a company founded in the United States, has grown substantially since its beginning in 1964, with over 1,000 stores open across 170 countries. With so many open locations, Nike has to be responsible for the marketing strategy of each region it is open in. For example, “The Land of New Football” is a Nike advertisement that was run in the Netherlands and catered to Nike’s audience in that region. As Nike is an athletic-wear company, it chose to highlight the most popular sport in that region, football. 

Nike's “The Land of New Football” advertisement for the Play New campaign.

However, Nike’s marketing strategy differs greatly in the United States. In Nike’s “You Can’t Stop Us” (2020) advertisement, they put a stronger emphasis on American Football, the most popular sport in the United States. The contrast allows for Nike’s American market to relate better to the advertisement, rather than having the American market losing interest watching football and Nike’s international market losing interest watching American football. With the proper market research, Nike was able to find the best strategy in creating advertisements that matched the culture of the country and region, which continued to bring favor to the company and ramped up brand loyalty and sales.

Nike's “You Can't Stop Us” (2020) advertisement

Nike also has been able to integrate itself globally by being partnered with the United States Olympic Committee since 2005. With this partnership, and the United States’ success in the Olympics, the Nike brand has been broadcasted immensely worldwide, along with the advertisements it creates showcasing success stories of particular athletes it is partnered with. Nike has become a household name across the globe by integrating itself into other cultures, while being able to adapt its marketing strategies to cater to its target audiences. This has brought continued success and growth to the company’s already massive and loyal customer base, and will most likely ensure continuous success for many years to come.

Nike has also formed partnerships with celebrities, athletes, and organizations around the world. They have an annual budget of $3 billion a year for advertisement. Through sponsorship, they are able to expand their market and sell more products. These athletes such as Serena Wiliams or Lebron James show what the products are capable of and cosign the quality. Nike gains a reputation among individuals who want to wear the same athletic garments as their favorite athletes or teams. Nike has also sponsored full sports leagues such as the NBA where every team’s jersey has its swoosh logo on it.