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Tokyo Disneyland

Disneyland has been an amazing venture for the Disney Group. After the success of Disneyland, the new Disneyworld in Florida was just as groundbreaking. Because of the success, Disney has opened parks in Hong Kong, Japan, China, and France. My experience at Disneyworld has always been close to perfect. What is truly amazing about Disneyland/world parks is the consistency of each park. I was fortunate enough to visit Tokyo Disneyland where the level of satisfaction was met but with new local experiences.  The following post will bring attention to some of the differences we can find in the overall retail experience of Disneyland. We learn through HBR paper the difference in experience from Tokyo Disney from America’s. The case highlights some retail experiences that differ between the two similar parks. In specific, the “Main Street” area of Disney parks is gone from the Japanese park. They had changed the name to “World Bazaar” in order to better adapt to the likings of the Japanese people. For those not familiar with Main Street, the area is for shopping and treats. The “Main Street” usually resembles an old town with a small train running in the middle. In Disney Tokyo in Japan, the “World Bazaar” offers a similar experience but with an international feel. It helps visitors understand the nuances of the old town in addition to other American-like experiences. This includes small areas that resemble Hollywood and movies produced from the Hollywood era. Disney did a great job of adapting to a different culture while maintaining some of the American heritage that local visitors might look forward to.

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I’ve always wanted to visit Tokyo Disneyland. I’m most looking forward to the new experiences, while maintaining that nostalgic “Disney” feel.

I also like to consider myself somewhat of a Disney enthusiast. I have been to Disneyland here in Anaheim and Disney France. I also noticed this consistency between both parks that you speak of. However, I did notice that Disney in France did not need to be adapted as much as Tokyo had to be. So, it is interesting to hear how Disney had to go against their Main Street layout in Tokyo.

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