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One Stop Shop – “Sports World” – My entrepreneurial ambitions – my vision

Weekday madness, after a long day at work the next job shift starts, being a parent. Driving the kids around town to practices and events, etc…  It's a constant juggle. Multiple nights a week my wife drives my kids to their sports practices, she sits around waiting wishing she could have knocked out some gym time – instead time is eaten up with sitting in a chair in the parent section or our children's weekly youth activities. The gym is too far from the location's she's waiting at for it to make sense for her to try that.

I always wished there were a gigantic warehouse that housed every youth sport and activity one could think of. It would be like a mall with each store being a new sports department. The baseball department would have a batting cage, a fielding and pitching coach, the football department would have the various strength and condition areas, the martial arts department would have classes for various ages and levels, the dance department would have ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop and many other types of dance available. I could go on and on about what this kind of facility would have and what it would look like. The main thing this accomplishes is:  “One-stop-shop”. Parents, no more driving across town to drop Jimmy off at baseball, and Janet at dance. For one flat monthly price per adult/kid, you sign your kids in, and you head straight to the adults training department. In 1 hour the entire family has accomplished a healthy lifestyle. There is also quite rooms for the youth to study and work on school assignments and for parents.

This model would be a huge success because we are solving a lot of problems: convenience, health, stress, etc… if anyone wants to invest, let me know.

Bryan and Nabih – Team F




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