One Stop Shop – “Sports World” – My entrepreneurial ambitions – my vision

Weekday madness, after a long day at work the next job shift starts, being a parent. Driving the kids around town to practices and events, etc…  It’s a constant juggle. Multiple nights a week my wife drives my kids to their sports practices, she sits around waiting wishing she could have knocked out some gym […]

Digital Revolution

Within the last decade the digital revolution has dramatically changed the landscape of business and marketing. With the proliferation of the social-media, mobile media, wireless web, marketing has evolved into something which involves a much broader scope. More and more companies are realizing there is not as much of a need for brick and mortar […]

How to Promote Your Business On a Shoestring

Ever since I could remember I have aspired to someday be an accomplished entrepreneur. In middle school I used to sell blow-pops for .25, that was my early hustle. I’m constantly thinking of what I will be doing with what I learned in this MBA program. Unless there’s a brilliant plan that attracts venture capitalists there’s […]

Global marketing management

Marketing management is key to the achievement of aspirations, it is in general factor of economy improvement and of course before that  companies, employees, and workers , and we believe according to that marketing management is  the most important player in economy field  with important role of managing the economy all over the world. On […]

B2B challenges

Team “F” in the house!!! Better known as Bryan and Nabih. Here to make a splash and hope to provoke some great discussions on marketing, specifically B2B marketing.  This blog opens the discussion of the challenges in B2B marketing.   EXAMPLE of the Unknown with the competition: As in Harvard case study, Barco  Projection Systems (BPS), there were some significant […]