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Dow Jones

GCC stock markets in 2006 had major losses in market value as a result of declines volatile witnessed throughout the year, and topped the Saudi market these losses loss index price 53 per cent of its value, followed by the UAE market losing 41 per cent, then the Qatari market to 35 per cent, then the market Kuwait 12 per cent, while the Omani market gains of 14.3 percent and maintained the Bahraini market in general levels, where prices index closed up by 0.99 per cent.

Based on the market value of the stock exchanges Gulf by the end of 2005, the total losses bourses estimated 442 billion dollars, more than the oil revenues for these countries during 2006 rate and a half times, with a market losses Saudi Arabia alone $ 320 billion, and losses UAE market $ 91 billion The Qatari market losses $ 19 billion, and the Kuwaiti market of $ 12 billion.

I remember all of this information and statistics while I am seeing  Dow  Jones going up and hopefully it continue and the American economy get better but again when we talk about the Market we should be carful.