Global Marketing

Jameson Launches New Global Marketing Campaign

The main steam and well-loved Irish Whiskey brand is looking to rebuild and execute its new global marketing strategy. Its main goal is to create a better awareness for its personal profile and personality. Its new campaign is called ‘Taste, that’s why’ and it is worth millions of dollars that includes TV spots on primetime channels and hours showcasing real life testimonies and brand stories.

The first two advertising campaigns that debuted on TV and social media sources expressed were a bug hit with the public audience and whisky lovers. The first ad was light hearted and funny. It was called, “Scully was to Blame” and it expressed how Bill Scully mistakenly makes a mess during a production line assembly and wastes gallons after gallons of distillate. The second ad called, “Coopers” expresses how master Cooper Dempsey and his apprentice discover that their barrels of alcohol have been lent to local breweries. In result, it leads to the creation of Jameson’s Caskmates Stout Edition.

On a personal note, the documentary, “The Story behind the Story” that reflects personal testimonies and personal experiences offer insights to the real and candid experiences that go into making the brand what it is today and why the employees and consumers stay loyal to the brand.

Jameson’s marketing director stated that their new campaign presents a fresh, engaging and emotional creative that is set to enhance and captivate more of an iconic brand image. Jameson wants to see its whiskey be at the top of its market, not only in the US but also around the world. This campaign will enhance awareness with new consumers around the globe and trigger remembrance with existing consumers. This will boost sales due to proper marketing to enhance brand recognition. Jameson will target markets that liquor is of high volume and high sales.

Jameson reported that it grew 16.3% to surpass 3 million cases of whiskey in the U.S. in 2017. In order to keep up pace with exist demand from all of whiskey and alcohol competitors, Pernod Ricard invested and contributed $11 million to increase capacity. This expansion includes three new copper pot stills that should be in full affect by Summer 2018.  This will benefit Jameson by adapting to the new aged culture of today's society but also adhere and value the previous generations through great brand image and great marketing to plant seeds in the new consumers minds to try and maybe possibly convert to Jameson whiskey opposed to Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey.  This all depends on the targeted market and the social culture of where this market is at. If Jameson is aggressive and mindful of their surroundings, then they will be successful with this new campaign to boost sales and recognition.