Anatomy of the Mobile Market – Not for the Faint of Heart

There’s not much to say about this chart other than to say, “How crazy is that market?” Some stories don’t require much information to understand. I’m keeping this one short, like a KISS! Not that kind of KISS, this kind. Keep It Simple and Stupid.

News Flash – Marketing Wars have been declared. We are at DEFCON 1.

“Gentlemen! Start your engines.”  A famous introduction heard to start some of the most prestigious auto racing events like the Indianapolis 500.  Historic races have pinned the highly favored No. 1 racer going against the promising field. No, war has not been declared on a sporting event, but instead it is being declared in the […]

Are You Listening?

Ever wonder if you’re marketing message is being heard?  The Chicago-based media group The Onion, created a marketing-focused offshoot in 2012 called Onion Labs to identify if audiences where hearing marketing messages.  The big brands where taking notice of Onion Labs, and their research. The Onion is a “news” paper that was launched in 1988 that […]