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Whole Foods Market continues to expand their global marketing channels, especially since they were acquired by Amazon in 2017. From a small organic and natural foods grocery store in Austin, Texas, Whole Foods Market has expanded globally to Canada as well as to the United Kingdom. The brand has over 500 stores throughout North America and the UK. They also have many stores that they are working on developing, which will increase their global marketing channels even more. This company’s global marketing channels have strengthened since they now offer specific promotions for customers as well as more flexibility to shop through Amazon prime for groceries. Since Whole Foods Market has a lot of expensive products, having weekly sales and similar promotions help increase their customer acquisition and retention.

Their global marketing channels are dynamic because consumers who prefer purchasing their groceries by visiting their retail stores have this option, while consumers who prefer ordering their groceries online can have this option as well. Since Amazon provides their own logistics, this has helped Whole Foods Market expand their global marketing channels, while also reducing their costs. Their global marketing channels are also supported by promotions they have both in their retail stores as well as online. Whole Foods Market offers a variety of sales for their products as well as separate sales or promotions that are available for their Amazon prime members.

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They have also enhanced their global marketing channels through their extensive supply chain. Whole Foods Market has many global and local suppliers. Their company supports over 60,000 local brands throughout their stores, and they are continuing to expand this as well to further increase their global marketing channels. Their diverse supply chain enhances the consumer experience and helps maximize customer lifetime value because there is a wide variety of products offered at their stores ranging from global brands to more local options.

They also have introduced their own brand called, 365 by Whole Foods Market, which has also increased their global marketing channels by providing even more variety for their products and has allowed them to reduce their costs as well. This company's local partnerships also help enhance their marketing strategies on a global scale. Their close partnerships with local farmers and ranchers as well as their organic and natural food options have helped create a unique brand image for their company that has helped increase their success among their consumers. As a result, their brand image has allowed their company to utilize a higher premium pricing strategy for their products.