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RedBull: Marketing Genius

Red Bull is a company that specializes in the energy drink sector. The company was founded in 1987 in Austria and and estimated 82 Billion cans have been sold since the drink was first introduced to the market. Red Bull is the most recognizable energy drink in terms of brand awareness and market share, with the company having a 38% global market share on the energy drink industry. The company has garnered great success under its slogan “Red Bull Gives You Wings”. This has been one of the most successful international marketing campaigns in terms of its impact within the United States. Along with this slogan, Red Bull has been able to introduce creative campaigns that extend the energy drinks motto. Red Bull has been able to create a brand myth by sponsoring extreme sport events like Red Bull Crashed Ice, Cliff Diving World Series, Air Race.

Sponsoring these events have kept the brand image consistent and has allowed the company to fertilize creative talent. An example of a brand ambassador that RedBull has aligned itself with the modern day daredevil like Travis Pastrana. Pastrana has perfumed numerous stunts wearing Red Bull gear. Being an Austrian company, International marketing is mainly in the United States and Europe. RedBull has taken a venture into less extreme sports sponsoring. The company owns and controls two clubs, RedBull Leipzig (Germany) and New York Red Bulls (United States). Throughout this strategic sports partnership, the company has been able to further grow their brand awareness world wide. Red Bull also has a partnership with F1 racing, the most popular race car series in the world based out of Australia.

The company has been able to capitalize on its strong brand awareness and its low supply chain cost. Overall, it costs RedBull 9 cents to produce a can, while retail goes for $3.99. RedBull truly has been able to capitalize on their early entry to the energy drink market, along with their ability to promote creative marketing campaigns, the company has reported being profitable with a net revenue of $971 million dollars in 2021. RedBull’s vision for the growth of the energy drink market has caused them to be one of the most culturally accepted drinks in the world.