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Looking underneath the Instagram-hood: Insta-Anayltics

We have shared with you how to get the Instagram followers, build your network, and leverage your connections. Now you have some likes coming your way, maybe a few comments, but what is next? How do you know if your campaigns are working? Worry no more – we are taking this to the next level and introducing you all to Insta-Analytics. In this post, we breakdown the three best tools (apps) to measure your success and the key metrics you should be monitoring.

Hands down, one of the best! This is a MUST have! Check it out after your read our post! No doubt, the breadth and depth of this freebie is beyond impressive!

Here are a few highlights:
• App is FREE
•  Statistical analysis on account (performance, history, followers, engagement rates etc.)
•  Snazzy historical snapshots (see below)
•  Ability to manage comments (with dashboard view)
•  Compare tags to what is trending
•  Get filter usage and lots of other great features to use to your advantage
•  An added feature is that there is a link for a “Public URL” so that you may link your Facebook page. In other words, those that do not have an Instagram account can still comment on your IG pages (via Facebook).
•  Get creative by creating a cover of the last 50 photos posted on Instagram

Right to Left: @itslovelove – Snapshots: First post; Historical Snapshot; Most favorite posts
birthiconosquare - 1st post acticonosquare - historical   photoiconosquare - most favorited

This app is for taking your Instagram analytics to the next level and going pro.

•  Paid subscription plan
•  Advanced social analytics platform for Instagram
•  Get detailed (exported) reports to share (with your team)
•  Get detailed reports on any hashtags or accounts being used
•  Analyze information from any public Instagram account
•  Monitor followers – those new followers and those who have unfollowed
•  Analyze demographics (i.e. audience, age, gender, location in the world)


totems analytics

3. Union Metrics for Instagram
•  Paid subscription plan (three levels of membership)
•  Allows for real-time access of activity across varies platforms (i.e. Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram (as a bundle))
•   Popular hashtags and pics
•  Analyze likes and comments


Let’s not forget the basics though – when applying any of the above apps – the most important factors to keep in mind are how to best use the analytics to your advantage with:

 “Followers/Following” – Your base – the ultimate connectors. These are the folks you want to find a way to build a relationship with, therefore, like any relationship it should be reciprocated if you want the best outcome/results. In other words, show love to your top followers/commenters (see stats below for more on identifying them).

“Active Engagement/Active Hours” – Take note of the types of posts that are picking up extra “likes” as well as the time of day that you’re generating more activity/traction on your posts.

“Post's Engagement” – Similar to the active engagement; however, here we look at how many followers engage in your posts. In doing so you can get creative with your campaigns and/or contests and continue to target the right followers.

We hope you have enjoyed learning more about Instagram and how you may best use it for business. Feel free to leave any comments below. Cheers!