Looking underneath the Instagram-hood: Insta-Anayltics

We have shared with you how to get the Instagram followers, build your network, and leverage your connections. Now you have some likes coming your way, maybe a few comments, but what is next? How do you know if your campaigns are working? Worry no more – we are taking this to the next level […]

Three Instagram Success Stories: Humans of New York, GoPro, Momma’ s Gone City

As we’ve learned in our Marketing Management class, the reigning Four P’s of marketing are: Product. Place. Price. Promotion. Another reason Instagram is a valuable platform to place your product, for promotion (and include the price), so you’ve covered a lot of ground there, all with one free app! In this post, we’ll highlight three Instagram pages continuing […]


Instagram for your business? Where to start, right? It may seem a bit overwhelming. No doubt, in doing a web search on this topic there was no shortage of information and blog posts to help out the novice user. However, when we strip it down to the basics, getting started is the easy part. Whether you want […]