Global Marketing

Red Bull Gives You Wings

When thinking of companies who successfully achieve a global marketing strategy, Red Bull comes to mind. It is unbeatable. It is extreme. It is tactical. It is global. Red Bull’s brand is what makes the company great.

In 2015, Red Bull was the market leader with over 43% market share and is still continuing to grow strong. Red Bull had the first mover advantage and created the energy drink market. They targeted specifically males between the ages of 18-35 years old at many different hangout spots such as college parties, sports venues, libraries, college campuses, coffee shops, bars, etc.  They advertised their products through positive word of mouth essentially for free. Till this day, they still continue to go towards that target audience, however, it has begun to include females between those age groups as well. You can see the Red Bull car driving around and have evolved to music festivals all over the world, concerts, and major sports events globally, and they are sold pretty much everywhere.

Red Bull’s tagline, “Red Bull gives you wings”, captures their audience and it applies to people all over the world. Everyone needs energy to focus or do whatever they please and Red Bull accurately describes this. “Red Bull gives you wings” entices Red Bull’s audience and works for everyone around the world. Red Bull’s entire value is to “give wings to people and ideas.” Everything Red Bull makes and does simply revolves around this idea of giving wings and freedom and energy and life. This upbeat enthusiasm usually involves extreme sports, music, dance, art, festivals, clubs, etc.

As previously mentioned, Red Bull evolved in producing content that their audience enjoys. They publish large amounts of new and upcoming material on their website, produce a magazine called the Red Bulletin, they continuously post videos based on energy and “awe” moments, and sell their products and vision by doing publicity stunts, creating events (such as Red Bull Crashed Ice or Red Bull Queen of the Bay), and large amounts of sponsorships worldwide.

Coachella is Red Bull’s biggest event coming up this month on the dates of April 13-15 and April 20-22 with major world wide known artists headlining such as Beyonce, The Weeknd, Eminem, Cardi B, Migos, etc. Red Bull has constantly been posting Coachella material along with the hash tag Coachella x Red Bull (#CoachellaxRedBull ). They even sold tickets on their page which most companies were not able to do and did not have the authority to do.