Global Marketing

Coca-Cola: Values and Emotions

         The most recognized beverage company in the world has not risen to such heights solely based on their product. Coca-Cola has set the global standard for food and beverage companies, not only in terms of financial success, but also in uplifting communities all around the world. With over 500 individual products, spread across over 200 countries, it is easy to get lost under the umbrella of this global conglomerate. However, in 2016 the company aimed to re-write the narrative for the future.

         In 2016, Coca-Cola revealed they will unite their entire brand under a single marketing campaign, for the first time EVER. The campaign follows the “One Brand” strategy, and it is an ingenious global marketing play that had been in the works for decades. Surely heard around the world, the new company slogan “Taste the Feeling”, has less to do with the actual product, but more centered around community support and the company’s initiatives to emphasize the importance of every moment. Here are the main highlights of how the campaign was rolled out: 10 television commercials; 100-plus campaign images; new visual identity system; new music anthem and audio signature; and a shareable and customizable interactive digital experience.

         Coca-Cola brings together profitability and worldwide support unlike any of its competitors. Their $55 million donations to various charities, foundations, and countries as Covid relief grants, truly emulates the values of the company.