Consumer Involvement Marketing – from A to E-Ticket

You shop. Sometimes because you have. Sometimes because you want to. But how involved are you in your consumer choices? What drives you to look beyond a storefront, product or service, and… stay with them? Over the next few weeks Team E-Ticket will be exploring acquisition to brand loyalty, to experiential involvement, and we invite […]

B2B challenges

Team “F” in the house!!! Better known as Bryan and Nabih. Here to make a splash and hope to provoke some great discussions on marketing, specifically B2B marketing.  This blog opens the discussion of the challenges in B2B marketing.   EXAMPLE of the Unknown with the competition: As in Harvard case study, Barco  Projection Systems (BPS), there were some significant […]

Are You Listening?

Ever wonder if you’re marketing message is being heard?  The Chicago-based media group The Onion, created a marketing-focused offshoot in 2012 called Onion Labs to identify if audiences where hearing marketing messages.  The big brands where taking notice of Onion Labs, and their research. The Onion is a “news” paper that was launched in 1988 that […]

REI Invests in Targeted Marketing Campaign… In Store and Out

REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.) was named most respected brand in the private company category by branding and advertising firm GreenRubino in 2011.  So how does this iconic outdoor retailer invest in marketing to support their success? In 2011 REI spent approximately $60M to support their $1.8B business.  To put this in perspective, they spent 3% […]


Hello, we’re Team “I”- nice to meet you! We’ll be bringing you various INTERESTING articles to discuss IMPORTANT topics in the world of marketing. We’re looking forward to some INTERACTIVE conversation and hope you have an INCREDIBLE time visiting our blog… Family INCORPORATED So, you check your schedule and see you have an afternoon meeting, […]